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Image. We can laser cut  from a piece of 300gsm card to 10mm thick acrylic.

Laser Cutting Service
The laser cutter is controlled by a computer, usable file formats include .dxf, .cdr, .ai, and other vector file formats.


Preparing files for laser cutting.

To create a vector file one can use various software including CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape (free download here ) or AutoCad.

When creating vector files for laser cutting, ensure that all the parts are created full size.
Use thin black lines (hairline in Corel Draw or 0.001 in other software) where you want the laser to cut, the laser will cut down the center of the lines.
Ensure that all fills are removed and duplicate vector lines.


Engraving from images or photographs.

To laser engrave images, the image needs to have a minimum resolution of 300DPI and greyscale and saved as a .jpg, .BMP, tiff or .png


Preferred file formats for laser cutting.
.CDR - CorelDraw X6 or earlier
.AI - Adobe Illustrator (for PC) CS4 or earlier - Uncompressed
.DXF or .DWG - AutoCad R2000 or earlier - Uncompressed

Note that the accuracy of the part may vary slightly depending on the material and its thickness. For example a sheet of 6mm thick acrylic can vary as much as 0.500mm.

The largest piece we can cut is 900mm X 600mm. We can cut up to 10mm thick acrylic, MDF and 12mm birch plywood..

Text, thick lines, bit maps, and fills (shaded areas) will be not be cut but may be engraved if needed. Note that if a black graphic has a thin red outline the laser will engrave the area and then cut along the outline.



We can laser cut;
Acrylic, (Plexiglas, Perspex), Acetate.
Leather and suede.
Paper, card (300gsm cuts very well) and mountboard.
Polyester and Mylar sheeting. Mylar film is used to create hard wearing stencils, we carry stock of 300gsm Mylar film.
Wood, MDF, Birch plywood, and various other types of wood.


We are unable to cut
Carbon fibre
Glass (but glass can be engraved)
PVC / Vinyl

We can supply laser quality birch plywood (plywood purchased from DIY stores is not suitable for laser cutting due to the glues used in production), MDF and acrylic, and can quickly obtain most other sheet plastic materials (two core acrylics vector and engrave beautifully) from our suppliers (minimum quantities may apply).


Requesting a Quote

Once you have your drawing finished, email to us to so we can give you a quote. Also it would be helpful to include the name of the material you would be using.



We have a minimum charge of £30.00

If you supply the correct artwork/file, the cost is £5.00 set up fee and then a £1.75 per minute of cutting time plus cost of materials.

If you are unable to create a file for laser cutting/engraving we can create the file for you, the cost is £30.00 plus cutting time and materials.

If you have any questions about having a laser cut part made, please contact us. email: or call 07821 805095