image bespoke laser cutting and engraving, swinton manchester m27 6az
image: laser engraved items

Laser Engraving

Wood laser engraves really well and different effects can be achieved by painting the wood first and very lightly engraving the painted surface to reveal the wood texture.
MDF and Birch plywood give good results.

Metal cannot be directly laser engraved with a Co2 laser, so the surface is first painted with a special emulsion paste which, when dried and lasered gives a very sharp and permanent black image. Adonised aluminium also engraves well as the different coloured surfaces reveal the base silver colour through th engraved layer.


Plastics also laser engrave and cut very well, clear acrylic gives very detailed effect when laser engraved. Also two core acrylics ( these are sheets of coloured acrylic with a very thin different coloured top layer) the top layer is engraved to reveal the base colour giving a very detailed image.


Marble, Granite and Ceramic Tiles
All of the above laser engrave with great detail

Photographs can be laser engraved into glass, wood, and plastic. Ceramic tiles also produce god results when laser engraved. The best results are achieved from high resolution images with a resolution of 300DPI and above.